Cornhole Game

Bag Toss, Bean Toss, Bags, Baggo, Bean Bags, Dummy Board, Doghouse, Sacks, Beans, bean in the hole game

Cornhole was invented in North America, although it is not known who actually first tossed a bag of beans into a hole. Bean Bag or Corn Hole is a safe, fun, game of skill, that all ages can enjoy. The game involves tossing a 16 oz. bag of beans into a raised board with a hole on the far end to score 3 points. The game is played with two or four people. Bean Bag Game has many nicknames (see above) and has a lingo all its own. Experienced Corn Hole players may be found at one of many Corn Hole Tournaments which are held nationwide. Find Cornhole games and equipment on sale and in stock at Free World Mall. Live free, have fun, play Cornhole. Remember freedom is never free. Thank you for supporting freedom worldwide.

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